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APAWLA IILP Submission


Deadline Extended to April 11, 2014.
Tell us your story and help make a difference!

Please submit stories to:
Please also let us know if you would like an APAWLA board member to interview you for your story.

Silence may be golden under certain circumstances. However, breaking the silence about race and gender bias against APAs in the legal field is an important step toward the elimination of bias in this profession. Telling your stories or experiences of discrimination, harassment or retaliation based upon race and/or gender is an important means of raising awareness of the many incidents of explicit of implicit bias encountered by APA women and men in the legal profession, as well as to show that we do have a voice and protected rights.

To further encourage diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, APAWLA is writing a paper, collecting stories and experiences of APA women or men concerning incidents of explicit or implicit bias/discrimination, harassment or retaliation based on race or gender. Our goal is to raise awareness of explicit bias and implicit negative stereotypes that affect APA women and men in the legal profession.

Have you ever been denied a job, promotion or significant case assignments as an attorney, even though you are well-qualified and that a reasno for such denial was because of your race and gender? Have you ever been subjected to racist or sexist comments/jokes about being short, not aggressive enough or not conforming to a negative stereotype of an APA woman or man by a judge, opposing counsel, a supervisor or a partner at your law firm? Have you ever been mistaken for a court reporter, secretary, or criminal defendant instead of the attorney of record in a judicial proceeding? Have you ever been harassed or subjected to oppressive working conditions because you complained about discriminatory practices or treatment at your workplace? These are just a few examples of explicit and implicit bias that APA attorneys have experienced in the legal profession. We also welcome stories from law students who have experienced race or gender bias by a law professor or law school administrator or at the workplace as a law clerk.

Stories will be selected by the APAWLA board and possibly edited for form and content. The completed collection of stories will then be submitted and published by the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession ("IILP"). For more information about the IILP, please visit:

If you are interested in submitting an experience, click the link below. Your submission must not have been published in any other publication or in any other form. Any APA female or male attorney working in different segments of the legal profession (i.e., private law firms, governemnt, public interest, bar associations, etc) may submit stories. Law students may submit their experiences as well.

Please submit stories to:
Please also let us know if you would like an APAWLA board member to interview you for your story.

Deadline to submit stories to APAWLA has been extended to:
March 26th, 2014 | 11:59 PM

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