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Executive Board 2016

Luci-Ellen Chun - President
Kathy Khommarath - President-Elect
Esther K. Ro - Vice President (Membership)
Diane M.L. Tan - Vice President (Historian)
Beti Bergman - Secretary
Ayano Wolff - Treasurer

Board of Governors
Aimee M. Contreras-Camua
Catherine Endo Chuck (Immediate Past President)
MyLoc Dinh
Wesley Hsu
Helen B. Kim
Vivian Lee
Calimay Pham
Eleanor Ung
Hon. Fumiko Wasserman
Lynn Whitcher - San Diego Chapter
Mia Frances Yamamoto (Past President)
Susan Yu

Young Lawyer & Law Student Committee Co-Chairs
Ayano Wolff
Maitria Moua